I was searching online if there were any websites that scanned hands and what it would look like for a machine to scan a hand and understand certain configurations of a hand. So, through that be able to classify what was appicable to different parts of the island.

I liked how the website followed the 3 main lines on the hand and gave you a prediction of who you are. I thought this would be perfect to show people on the island where they belong according to the the lines on their hands.

This was an experiment where I imagined what a hand would look like if it was scanned into a database to show the users downloaded data including their personality and traits.

I think it was a useful experiment because it helped me to picture how I could present a loaded datebase of everyones hand on the island and how it could be used to decide peoples fate. 

This was a sketch and development of how the lines on the island guide the placement of the industrial and commerical buildings  and how they would connect.

This was a poster we created imagining people protesting against the system because they didnt have lines that would grant them access to the places they wanted to go. This was effective because it reminded us that there were going to be people on the island that rejected this ideology of everything built and judged off of genes and what lines your hands are blessed with. By creating a system that controls the movement of people it suggests that there would be people that would try to reject this.

Alot of the refinement of the project including the specifications of what lines meant and what you could acheive or collect if you have certain lines. This was a fun activity because we created guide lines for the citizens on the island.

Heart Line - Dating determined by your line
  • People can tell if you would work in a long term relationship
  • Broken lines suggest you will be a cheater
  • A chained heart line means they are sensitive and have unpredictable mood swings. They are often scared of long term relationships.Heart line under the middle finger means they are likely to be loners as they dislike other people interfering in their life. This particular palm type would work well in jobs that require travel.
  • On the island dating is based on the palm