Revised summary:

This project focuses on tapping into a community’s memory to encourage nostalgia and formulate an archive of collective memories.

  • Users have an opportunity to up-vote certain entries.

  • Entries you have up-voted are stored in your cloud library.

  • Questions can be vote-for or requested by users.

  • New questions each week.

  • Old entries will be archived.

Cloud models from rhino to represent voice recordings from different users. This process was difficult to achieve but being able to show where the clouds would lie within a space was useful to help visualize how these voice recording would live react around the user listening to them. Looking back on it I think we should have focused more on the individuality of the clouds after we had fully realised the full extent of our project..

This video on the right shows how one would see the clouds around them through the lens of their phone. In addition showing how they would access these voice notes.

 Looking at the app interface.

These pictures show the begining of looking at the app interface. Including the recording audio interface and where the user would store their voice notes and their favourites they have heard from other users to listen at a later date.

When illustrating this image I created it to show the group how I imagined the clouds coming and going as the user would walk through the park or the street. I think it was useful to help the group understand how this function of the app would work and help to imagine how we might start creating it.

The development of the Logo was challenging because we wanted to create something simple but clear in showing what the app was used for. We decided that the colours should be linked to peaceful colours and help to portait that the app was not a game a more of an platfrom to voice your memories and ideologies.

Technical development:

On the left is the 3D clouds we developed combined with the app interface to show how they would react and where they would sit on the perspective of a screen.

On the right is a creation I made on spark that shows how the user could draw their own cloud to fit with their story and how they could change the texture of the cloud to fit with the emotion they were trying to get across when other people would listen back to it. I think this was an effective outcome although we didn’t definatley say that it would be in the final outcome of the app I think it was efficient in making the app feel more personal to the people that were telling their own stories.
Technical development