After creating these objects and giving them characteristics I wanted to imagine them in a 3d space where the game was a first person perspective. Designing the game like this helped to
recreate the view of someone walking down the street.
Therefore aiding the escapism through linking the game to real life. I added the obstacles and collectables to show how a character might interact with or avoid certain things. With the perspective view it allowed the game to be constantly moving forward and loading new objects in so that the player would feel like it was like real life loading towards them.

To be clear on the rules I put them out in colours to show the difference between obstacles and collectables. This linked the game to real life because it showed that anyone of any age could understand the game and play it when ever they were walking down the street. I thought this was a good idea at first because I could bring the game into real life and there would be a points system meaning people could compete against each other to be the leader of the game in real life. However this took away from the escapism of the game and made it feel like more of a competition rather than a game that helps people to visualise in real life. I didn’t add anything interesting to the objects i just took them and labelled them as good and bad.

In notes I created tables that would allow someone to score and record themselves as they were applying these rules to real life. This idea took away the nostalgia of the game and made it feel a bit boring by adding and subtracting scores. The leader board I made was my thinking that the game would have a public leader board and everyone around the world would be able to enter their score but it was based of honesty through notes so didn’t seem

The instructions to the left show how someone would take the visuals of the game and apply it to the real world objects. I believe this was effective as it showed how one would follow my project and translate the concept for their own individual mind.

I made the title of the game to give it a sort of arcade
feeling that would feel nostalgic to all audiences.

I went back to imagining the mechanics of the game and how one would control a character traversing the layout of the perspective game. I decided to make lanes so that there would be different ways to avoid or collect things within the game. Although I do not have time to make the fully functioning game this is how I would like it to operate using the arrow keys to move left and right and the space bar to jump over obstacles and the down arrow to pick up the collectables.

After the mechanics I tried to imagine the game in different platforms to try and figure out how the escapism would turn into a mass escapism that loads of people would play and be inspired by. After the creation of these two platforms I realised it was a lazy way out of not diving into the game and fully describing what each object did which is what makes games fun through the imagination of objects not through the way it is played.
After that mistake I started to sketch out some scenes that would help visualise the game in motion and in turn would show people how to react to certain objects and the consequences of failing to avoid or the reward of collecting certain objects. I wanted to connect the consequences with real lifeso that it would help to inspire people to continue to avoid or collect these objects so that they would be scared to walk on 3 drains because they would associate it with having a bad day or losing someone.
I wanted show a rough version of how the game would play out and how the user should react when coming into contact with these objects. I showed a punishment coming from a humans perspective to help the user feel bad about what they had done. I added a health bar and collectable counter to show how the objects effect you physically as well as mentally. It came to my knowledge that I had not created an encyclopedia which would fully help describe to people what they had to avoid or collect.

This description of characters from a magazine made me realise this is something I needed to create for it be clear and really feel like a game before I started to make scenes for the video game. The enemies needed faces and attributes for everyone understand.