Finding people in real life that had stepped on 3 drains helped to identify that the superstition could be treated as a game and designed in a way that made walking down the street
enjoyable. The time line of people stepping on the same three drains over the years seemed a interesting concept showing how 3 drains could claim multiple victims.

This photograph helped me to visualise that the setting of the game was the pavement and turning that into pixels and bringing a character and obstacle showed me that this game could develop into something more with different obstacles and collectables.
Showing people these possibilities and bringing them into real life.


I wanted to make it simple how to avoid 3 drains although it was pretty obvious, again it helped visualise a game aspect. The rare drains were useful because it made me question a collection that could be obtained.

After realising that I needed more obstacles and objects that derived from the streets I went around asking family and friends if they had any superstitions whilst walking down the street. On the left shows the information I received.

After collecting these objects I started to think about them in a game context.How could they form around a character to create enemies.
I tried to format the game in a 2D perspective but it wasn’t expansive enough and wouldn’t inspire people to want to avoid these objects in real life.

This was the begining of imagining the objects with characteristics and how they would effect the user if they couldn’t avoid them. Thinking about consequences and rewards for mundane objects on the street.

This made it feel more interesting and would hopefully inspire people to bring these beliefs in to the real world so walking down the street would be more stimulating and through this would help people to understand my escapism.