This chess board I created includes 28 resin peices and 4 pewter peices. The resin peices were made in a reusable mould and the pewter peices where poured into a silcone mould.  I wanted to make peices from old toys I had found in my room, It was fun to curate which characters would be what. The peices include ‘Digimon’ that I copied into resin figures for both black and white teams. The Queen is actually a peice of ginger that I moulded in silicone and then poured pewter into. I thought it would be interesting to make the only female peice on the board a real natural object, a ‘root’ to suggest that the male mind is childish and that the female peice grounds the subjects which makes sense because it is the most powerful peice on the board.

Resin, pewter, MDF wood, silicone, acrylic paints.

- 28th february 2023

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